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You probably are going to want to take a couple steps back...

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jager!

SNK: Jean Kirschtein Stamp by Adraowen :SNK: Jean stamp by Yellow--Arrow Eren Jaeger Stamp by Nabiryi
Levi/Rivaille Stamp by Nabiryi Hanji Zoe Stamp by Nabiryi Sasha Braus Stamp by Nabiryi
Mikasa Ackerman Stamp by Nabiryi Stamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiro Stamp: Rivaille attacks by Lily-de-Wakabayashi
Stamp Request: Petra Ral by Lily-de-Wakabayashi Stamp: Surprise, I'm a Titan by Lily-de-Wakabayashi Stamp: Eren flies by Lily-de-Wakabayashi
Stamp: Rivaille's Special Operations Squad by Lily-de-Wakabayashi Stamp Request: Rivaille vs. Female Titan by Lily-de-Wakabayashi Attack On Titan Stamp: Levi Saving Eren by wow1076
Attack On Titan Stamp:Young Eren by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Levi Drinking Tea by wow1076 SnK: Heichou cleaning stamp by themuffinshota
Scouting Legion Stamp [Shingeki no Kyojin] by SuzukeAmaterasu
Eren stamp by Superpluplush Attack On Titan Stamp: Eren by wow1076 Eren On His Bed Stamp by wow1076
Attack On Titan Stamp: Eren 2 by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Annie 2 by wow1076 Moves Like Jaeger Stamp by wow1076
Attack On Titan Stamp: Free! Anime ED Dance by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Amrin 2 by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus 3 by wow1076
What is it, Eren? Stamp by Wintry-Fire Ymir Stamp by Nabiryi Attack On Titan Stamp: Jean by wow1076
Mike Zakarius Stamp by Nabiryi Annie Leonhardt Stamp by Nabiryi Attack On Titan Stamp: Connie Springer by wow1076
Eren Jaeger Stamp I by Kyoichii stamp eren shingeki no kiojin by Dark-Shion stamp eren shingeki no kiojin by Dark-Shion
Stamp levi rivaille by Dark-Shion Titan Eren - STAMP by Thoxiic-Editions Shingeki no Kyojin - STAMP by Thoxiic-Editions
Shingeki no Kyojin - STAMP by Thoxiic-Editions Mikasa Ackerman stamp 1 by psyxi0 Eren Jaeger Stamp 1 by psyxi0
Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus 4 by wow1076 Request: Annie Leonhardt Stamp by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus 2 by wow1076
Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus 2 by wow1076 Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by Suelen-Akita Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by n-oodle

I will never love you as much as I love Eren Jaege
God I hate Christmas. Every year SOMETHING manages to fuck it all up. Now I dread the stupid holiday. I hate the music, the colors, the smell, I hate it all so goddamn much!

whatever, not like my family even cares what opinion I have on the matter. The entire house already looks like the damn holiday threw up allover  it. 

Worst part is the fact I have to spend my hard earned cash on people I don't even like. 

Again, not that it matters because they're "family"

*sigh* Oh tis the goddamn season.
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Short-stories (more than one part)
These are stories with more than one part. (a continuation,  a multi-part story, ect.)  Each part will be 10 :point:s each. The same rules still apply with these stories as well.  
Short stories (one-shots)
One-shots consist of one short story. If you want a short story written you have to be very specific on what you want to happen. Your characters have to be ones I am already familiar with. I will not write one-shots with OC's. (Unless I already know your OC) sorry. 

Things I will not write about: 

:bulletred: Limes
:bulletred: Lemons
:bulletred: Smuts
:bulletred: Angst
:bulletred: Violent
:bulletred: Basically anything that I am not okay with. I will let you know.
Digitally drawn commissions (flat)
Joadiee Alvarez bust by Nickystar101
Angel from the stars (InkScape app) by Nickystar101
Digitally drawn commissions take slightly more time than regular sketches therefore cost more than regular sketches. You will have a choice on what kind of background you want. 
Isabelle and Isaac Doodles by Nickystar101
A Broken Past by Nickystar101
Simple sketches or doodles done in my own art style. You can choose whether or not you want it colored in or not, but coloring of eyes or blushes will be standard. 


 I'm so obsessed with these two I swear they are the cutest things.  


    "I honestly don't understand why he's still with her." 

        Harsh words that sliced through the air like a knife, pert ears attentive to the sensitive meaning behind them. 

    "Why doesn't he just leave her? She's is of no use anymore." 

        It wasn't as if she had asked for the accident to have happened, because that's what it was, an accident

    "Shh, it's much more complicated than that. Besides, the master does not take lightly to those who speak unwell of Isabelle." 

        Quiet tentative fingers absentmindedly wrapped themselves around a thin wrist, slowly pulling herself towards the taller mass, Isabelle quietly buried her face into Issac's chest. He sighed at the slightly rude interruption, but quickly noticed the light quiver of her lip as she pressed herself closer to him.

    "What is the matter, Isabelle?" He cooed quietly, gently stroking her hair in an attempt to coax her out from her "hiding place". 

    "The others," she whispered quietly. "They were talking about me again." 

       He sighed softly, and gently pried her face from his chest. 

    "Those ears of yours, I swear Isabelle, they will be the ultimate destruction of your psyche." 

    "I know," she mumbled with a quick whispered apology.

    "No need to apologize. What did they say that has you so worrisome?" 

        She hesitated from speaking for a moment, silently chewing on her lip as she debated whether or not to tell him the whole truth.


    "They said that I am of no use to you any longer, and that you should leave me for someone else." 

        He stopped for a moment, watching as her sky eyes stared directly at his chest. He carefully laced his fingers with her own, and rested a hand against her cheek, tilting her head so that he could look directly into her eyes.

    "If they think that I would leave you over something so minor, such as this, then they truly do not know me. Besides, my love for you is not based on your usefulness to me. My love for you is something I have no control over, and, I will not allow others to dictate how I should or should no handle my relationship with you based on their opinion." He finished with a quiet grunt, placing a small kiss on her forehead, her eyes fluttering shut as he did so, a small smile gracing her features.


    "Yes Isabelle?" 

    "I love you." 

        He smiled, looking down into blue hazy eyes staring straight past him. It broke his heart a little, but he couldn't help but place a small peck on her lips. 

    "I love you too." 
Unwavered {Issac and Isabelle}
If you couldn't tell, Isabelle had an accident and she is blind.

So, shitty writing is shitty. I have another story with these two as they infiltrate a ball together at an undercover mission, buuutttt that won't be done till like.... dude I don't even know.  

Isabelle belongs to me. 
Issac belongs to Rexlare :iconrexlare: 
Why can't I doodle as good in my sketchbook as I do with lined paper... *sigh*
Let me tell you. Crying yourself to sleep three days in a row because of self-esteem issues isn't fun.

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[He sat down like a dragon would beside her.]

So, you weren't kidding when you said you knew my pain... I think I've lost my appetite. 
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