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A million Sundays worth of his dreams...

Other rebels may dance, but theres no rebel that

Good men mean well... we just dont always end up


    School has been treating me so well this year, holy shit. Had I known taking an AP course would actually result in less stress on my part I would have done it a long ass time ago. The fact that I have AP teachers that are super lenient and give me everything all at once so I can just work it out and time it out accordingly to my schedule is fucking huge. I no longer have to spend hours at a time studying everything because I know exactly how things are going.. lord I'm loving this year so much. 

    I got asked to Homecoming!! I know its not that big of a deal but I've only been asked twice... ever~ It was super cute as well. Even though the guy who asked me is only a friend, it was still super sweet of him to ask! He made me a poster and everything!! I'm actually really excited to go~~!! I bought an amazing red dress that flows behind me and makes me look like a fucking goddess. I love it. 



    I haven't forgotten I swear! I've just made the mental decision to upload it all in a bulk and when its all actually worth looking at.. whoops I won't make any promises, but hopefully if things don't get too wild I'll have them all up by the end of the month. 



    Holy guacamole I've actually started fanfic writing again... not even joking... 

  So in light of the fact that Assassins Creed Black Flag has currently absorbed my soul once more and has completely drawn me back into it's wonderful ship-plundering ways, I've decided that there honestly is not enough Edward Kenway Fanfics in the world and my little blond pirate deserves a little loving~ Especially since that bitch Caroline left him in the mud like that... like seriously tf is wrong with her. She was LITERALLY married to the most perfect man in the West Indies, what the fuck . So I've started an Edward/Reader fanfic. Hopefully I'll have it polished and up soon enough (maybe later on tonight if I ever finish these AP Psych notes) And who knows! Maybe I'll expand my horizons, but I'm super excited for this fic because reader is literally a good girl gone bad and it's going to be soooo damn awesome. (Plus Thatch is going to be reader's mentor and it's going to be like father-daughter bonding all around and I'M JUST SO EXCITED FOR ThIS OKaY)  


So that's it for this one! 

Have a Kenway to brighten up your day :heart: :iconedwardkenwayplz: Hes literally the dorkiest Pirate to ever sail the West-Indies. It's amazing that he even has room to be as awesome as he is under all that dorkyness  

-Nicky ;p

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